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Mon Julien
Mon Julien
Mon Julien

Mon Julien - Mon Julien

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Track Listing:
1. Punchline
2. Darkest Hour
3. The Inventor
4. Roll The Dice
5. Ammunition
6. Waiting
7. Way to Run
8. Boring Place
9. Armchairs
10. Wilderness
11. Dreams

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Mon Julien is an in indie rock band from Ft. Worth, TX.
The group is comprised of Black Tie Dynasty members Cory Watson (Vocals, Guitar) and Brian McCorquodale (keys).
The songwriting pair formed in 2010 intent on exploring infinite possibility and ignoring expectations.
The result is a dynamic new sound which can best be described as refined moody pop.

While Watson and McCorquodale maintain their affinity for grand anthemic arragements, enter "Punchline", they now fully embrace more deeply intense moments like on "Roll the Dice", which soulfully builds in suspense and conjures up memories of early Radiohead.

Mon Julien is a sign of growth and maturation of the two songwriters as they strike a balance between bold and exploratory while remaining fresh and uniquely their own.

The album was produced by Mark Pirro (Tripping Daisy, Polyphonic Spree) and mixed by Mckenzie Smith (Midlake).
Guests appearing on the album include
Mckenzie Smith (Midlake) - Drums
Blake McWhorter (Black Tie Dynasty) - Bass
Mark Pirro - (Tripping Daisy / Polyphonic Spree) Bass, Percussion
Douglas Edward - Strings