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Gucci Doom - Limited Edition Transparent Blue Vinyl LP
Gucci Doom - Limited Edition Transparent Blue Vinyl LP
Lorelei K


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Track Listing:
Side A:
1. Gucci Doom
2. Dancing In The Flames
3. Lying Love
4. I Want To Be Alone
5. Bodies Falling

Side B:
1. Men
2. Blessing
3. Original Sin
4. Vampire Life
5. Phantom Writer

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The new Lorelei K album, Gucci Doom, features an expansion on the band's familiar dreampop sound, with a new, glamorous approach to production and songwriting. From song to song, there is an overarching juxtaposition of fashion music and cerebral lyricism. Lead singer and songwriter Lorelei K took another deep dive to source the materials used throughout the record. Themes of heartbreak, trauma, and gender dysphoria are set to surreal, emotional pop anthems. Vocals travel from soft, reluctant and raw, to full, confident and powerful.


Vocals / Keyboards - Dahlia Knowles
Guitar - Mills Chaiken
Bass - Rex Davis
Drums - Dean Adams
Backing Vocals / Synth - Michael Briggs

Written by Dahlia Knowles

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Michael Briggs at Civil Audio in Denton, Texas.