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Truth I Suppose - Single
Truth I Suppose - Single
Gaston Light

Truth I Suppose - Single - Gaston Light

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Track Listing:
1. Truth I Suppose

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It's been half a year since Gaston Light's debut album "Peel" unfurled a multifaceted sonic landscape traversed by its author, Jason Corcoran. Albeit 23, it's evident Jason has experienced his fair share of peaks and valleys head first. The gravity of experience is imbedded in his baritone vocals and roots-centric guitar style. Jason's single "Truth I Suppose" offers the listener a good times glimpse into the varietal of musical personalities Gaston Light embodies. Pop sensibilities percolate on "Truth I Suppose" and unexpectedly create a form fitting epilogue to the multilayered "Peel". The heartbeat of Gaston Light remains Corcoran's lyrics. The musical capabilities are apparent, but even amidst an American surf rock song such as "Truth" , Jason still sings the blues. The release of "Truth I Suppose" opens up a new catalog of work for Gaston Light and begs the obvious question: what shape will Gaston Light take to next?