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Feisty Cadavers and the Brotherhood-OUT OF STOCK
Feisty Cadavers and the Brotherhood-OUT OF STOCK


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Track Listing:
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Feisty Cadavers
featuring Steve Krass:
1. "Blast Chamber"
2. "Shark"
3. "Wanna Be"
4. "Crankenstein"
5. "Dead Giveaway"
6. "Too Late"

7. Flash Rocker - A.L.D.
8. Psycho Boy - Puke A Rama
9. Start All Over Again - Trash Brats
10. Mausoleum - P.B.E.
11. Krass - Big Block
12. Death Doll - The Clap
13. Underground - Speedball
14. Dying Art - S.B.L.C.
15. Top Down Lobotomy - The Goddamnits
16. Comatose City - Zodiac
17. Electroshock - Elephant Ear
18. Skeleteenz - Murder City Wrecks
19. Live Like Vampires - Cold As Life
20. Smashed By Policy - Joey Nobody's Criminal Disciples
21. World Without Time Zones - Master Pipelayers
22. Shark - Bumpin' Uglies
23. Ghost Ride - Hoarse
24. Fire Up - Feisty Cadavers

Steve Krass - Front man for Detroit's most legendary punk band Feisty Cadavers was murdered during an attempted robbery January 14, 1996. This compilation contains 6 songs from Krass' final recording sessions in November of 1995 with David Cocagne - guitar, Eric Hoskins - bass, Jason Pierce - drums. Recorded by Tim Patalan (Sponge, Hoarse, Watershed) along with some of his best friends, "The Brotherhood" of Detroit bands, covering Feisty classics as well as a few original songs written about this tragedy.

The CD release party/benefit for this release was sold out, selling over 1200 tickets and raised $14,000 for the Steve Krass Foundation and featured a who's who of the Detroit underground music scene. The record features songs from Hoarse, Speedball, Trash Brats, ALD, Big Block, SBLC, Puke A Rama, among others. A total of 24 songs clocking in at over 65 minutes!