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Atlantic Heart
Atlantic Heart


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Track Listing:
1. Atlantic Heart
2. Toxic Girl
3. Eve's Drop
4. Through The Unknown
Charging out of the gate is Atlantic Heart's title track, a catchy four-on-the-floor modern rocker doused with a slinky splash of the 80’s that’s sure to ignite an avalanche of volume-enhanced titillating and uncontrollable booty shaking. Elsewhere, “Eve’s Drop” is an adventurous musical journey that shows the quintet’s fondness for crafting emotive heart-pounding rock of epic proportions while “Through the Unknown” is a melodic radio-ready ballad poised to seduce sweethearts the world over.

Rounding out Atlantic Heart is “Toxic Girl,” an expansive anthem of a generation that captured the mind of 8-time Grammy Nominated Producer/Photographer Adrian David Payne, who was in the midst of searching for the perfect musical muse to compliment his visionary aesthetic. Immediately transfixed by the magnetic allure of Toxic Girl, Payne and his Sodium Films team, will bring her to life in glorious 1080p.

“Toxic Girl finally shows the soundscape that Adalene, as a whole, has been reaching for since our inception,” explains singer Brett Moyer. "I really feel that it’s very relatable, because almost everyone has been in 'that' relationship at some point in their life."

Formed in October 2009, Adalene consists of Moyer on vocals, lead guitarist Corey Rozzoni (ex- Burden Brothers), bassist Jonathan Stoye, rhythm guitarist/keyboardist Josh Mitchell and drummer Jeremy Moore (ex- Faktion). With formative roots in Texas, Illinois, Ohio and Michigan, the band members instantly gelled in the songwriting-comes-first heart of Nashville, Tennessee. Says Josh, “We wouldn’t be the same without each individual member”.

With influences ranging from 60’s Stereophonic (The Beatles) to 70’s Riff Rock (Led Zeppelin) to Alternative Rock (Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden) to Modern Rock (Incubus, Thrice, The Killers), it’s no wonder that their sound is reminiscent of those eras. “Our singer actually sings. He doesn’t scream,” Corey says “We play rock music, but it has a funky kind of flare, so some of the beats have a dance feel. Even though it’s rock, it still has some movement. It’s all about being melodic.”