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Here Holy Spain - Under The Undertow / Descender - Slow And Gold  BLUE 180 Gram Vinyl
Here Holy Spain - Under The Undertow / Descender - Slow And Gold BLUE 180 Gram Vinyl


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Track Listing:
Here Holy Spain - Under The Undertow
1. Way Out One In Five
2. Golden Gun
3. Hundreds of Heads Underwater
4. Drive Out West
5. Even The Bright Ones Burn Out

Descender - Slow And Gold
1. Silver Lightning
2. The Language
3. Spinning On The Surface
4. Slow and Gold
5. I Will Help You Find The Darkness

Limited edition of 100 on BLUE Audiophile 180 Gram Vinyl with Download card.

Split vinyl release containing new 5 song EP releases from Here Holy Spain and Descender

This longing for a rock revival and/or revolution is evident in the latest EP offering by Here Holy Spain, “UNDER THE UNDERTOW.” A band with solid chops and memorable hooks, not looking to be another cookie cutter radio-rock lemming, but also not ignoring the heavy riffs that inspired them to thrash it out in the first place. There is nay a banjo nor a faux English accent to be found on the record. Dubstep drop? Forget about it. Opener “Way Out One In Five” sounds like it could melt your speakers when turned up to eleven, with startling screams from the pit of a stomach full of boiling acid. “Golden Gun” reveals a cold call and creepy crawl with the opening lyric “Woke up in a maze full of gravel and glass…” Here, Todd could have found the words to describe his band’s sound direct from his own song. Gritty, gravelly, from-the-gut screams pitted back to back with melodies clear and cutting like broken panes of glass. “Hundreds of Heads Underwater” describes a boy’s reluctance to destroy his toys and become a man, with a snot-nosed snarl and a syrupy chorus that never wears out its welcome. “Drive Out West” is the soundtrack to a carefree cruise down a desert highway with subtle nods to influences Alkaline Trio and Hot Water Music, and closer “Even The Bright Ones Burn Out” burns bright and steady like some unlikely hybrid of Quicksand, Seaweed and Jawbreaker.

On the band's 3rd release, 'Slow and Gold' the group rises from the murk of "Dark Water," and fiercely rips a jagged hole through the sky with the intro track "Silver Lightning." Standard song structure takes a back seat to a loping, frenetic riff made solid by Gruber and Hess with their distinctive twin Les Paul assault. Artillery shell bombast drumming by Duncan Black, Zack Busby's sinewy fuzz bass, and Hess' slithering high to wary romantic low give the track a lupine propulsion. Recorded at Modern Electric Sound Recorders by Jeffrey Saenz, "Slow and Gold" marks Descender's first studio release without the band's trademark DIY approach to recording... and with very few layers, the 5 songs gave Derek Taylor plenty of space to mix and master a raw, cohesive sonic wall of 4 guys in a room banging the hell out of their instruments. "Slow and Gold" will be available in late July on vinyl and digital. Look for it on Idol Records.

Exclusive cover art from James O’Barr, artist and creator of The Crow.