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Red Like Heat


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Track Listing:
1. Goodbye Again
2. Abandonment Issues
3. I Will Marry You
4. I Left You That Way
5. The Prisoner
6. Cloudless
7. One Timer
8. Lights Out
9. Go
10. Heartbroken Man
Rivals is the debut release from Dallas indie rock band Red Like Heat. The band began as a writing project in Denton, TX, under the name Noonday Morningstar for musicians Ian Mesey of Young and Brave / Giggle Party and Tex Sirisawat of Duette. Mesey recruited Benjamin Painter as a second guitar player / vocalist and the trio began to write jangly, acoustic songs. A year later Mesey relocated. The band then brought in Matt Stewart on bass and the trio began refocusing their sound to more-upright songs, heavily influenced by Matt's steady, rhythmic sound. Shortly after that Sean Dove filled out the sound with piercing, often ambient, guitar melodies. The four began work on their first record and renamed themselves.

Rivals, is the result of their lengthy sound-honing process. The album was recorded live by Casey Di Iorio at Valve Studios in Dallas. Sonically, the record is stripped down. The effect of being recorded live brings a sense of space to the record. The songs range from rhythm-centered rock tunes to dissonant, anthemic pieces. Sirisawat's drums are tribal and upbeat. His organ playing is whirring and steady. Stewart's bass is mobile and rhythmic. Dove's guitar lines bring shape that lends a disquiet effect to the songs. Painter's vocal is shaky and present. Rivals, frames an exercise in longing and self loathing, in anger and limitation.


Benjamin Painter - Guitar / Vocals
Sean Dove - Guitar
Tex Sirisawat - Drums / Keys
Matt Stewart - Bass