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Amidst The Blue
Amidst The Blue


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Track Listing:
1. Brand New Disease
2. Where Do We Belong
3. I Want You
4. Plastic Fashioned Dream
5. Sideshow Melody Life
6. Sirens
7. Follow Me
8. She's Delicate
9. China Crush
10 . Walk Away

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Oklahoma may seem at first glance, not to be the most conducive environment for the arts, let alone a flourishing music scene. However, thanks to a never-ending supply of amazing musicians, and a myriad of other cultural factors including the eccentric vision and personality of The Flaming Lips front-man Wayne Coyne, the Oklahoma scene has been a national force for some of the most innovative music for the better part of a decade. From Radiohead's tour companions Other Lives, to BRONCHO, Colourmusic, Starlight Mints, Taddy Porter, Horse Thief, Grammy Nominee John Fulbright, among countless others, this unspoken pocket of middle America is nothing short of a music capital. As mastering engineer Garrett Haines often jests, "What do they put in the water down there?!"

ADMIRALS Guitarist/Vocalist Colton Tucker and drummer Cory Brewer have been playing music together for more than 7 years. While attending Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, the band added Brett Murphy on bass, and finally Andrew Bair initially producer turned keyboardist which solidified the bands lineup. ADMIRALS immediately turned heads with a series of massive local shows and demo which gained the interest of legendary indie label Idol Records (Old 97's, Flickerstick, The O's, Black Tie Dynasty). ADMIRALS signed on to release the 6 song self-titled EP produced by Grammy award winning Trent Bell (The Flaming Lips, Chainsaw Kittens, Chemical Brothers) which received high praise in reviews, and saw heavy radio rotation across much of the nation in the alternative and college rock circuit. Network TV performances, noteworthy visits to SXSW and several other music festivals furthered the bands already strong cult following. Additionally, the EP saw even more success after being picked up by various MTV programs, much of Forever 21's 2012 holiday ad campaign, and even licenses from select documentaries.

After a successful national tour supporting the Self Titled EP, ADMIRALS retreated to OK, working on their debut full length record, back in the studio again with Trent Bell, who helped greatly to foster the bands unique sound. The album, "Amidst the Blue" focuses much more on more extensive instrumentation, experimental sounds, and a deeper look into a shared human experience. Behind over a year of creating, refining, changing, and progressing, the album sounds exactly how it is intended to. Unmistakable energy binds the music from beginning to end, and the bands distinctive pop-sensibility draws comparisons across genre lines, creating music that is simply put, hard to hate. The music dares you to think, but urges you, above all else to dance.

Colton Tucker - vocals, guitar
Andrew Bair - keyboards, piano, guitar
Brett Murphy - Bass
Cory Brewer - Drums