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Dream Good
Dream Good
Gaston Light


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Track Listing:
1. Dream Good
2. Make Up Your Mind
3. Wake Up And Fight

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Songs are insights into the soul. At least they are for Jason Corcoran, the probing singer-songwriter that records under the moniker Gaston Light. In the last four years Corcoran has laid bare his psyche in a revealing and transcendent batch of tunes that sound like the deep musings of a man twice his age. The 26-year-old artist released his raw, auspicious Gaston Light debut, Peel, in 2011, and then upped his creative game in the revelatory 2012 single, Truth I Suppose.

Now it's time to dream. Dream Good, the new Gaston Light single and accompanying video, opens with a swirling, haunting yet strikingly sunny combo of layered guitar, synthesizer and vocal tracks topped by an acoustic piano. Corcoran purposely channeled his influences, namely Big Star, Roy Orbison, The Animals and Phil Spector, to craft a tune that modernizes a classic sound.

"It was meant to be a power pop record," the Dallas-based Corcoran says of the song set for release Oct. 14, 2014. "Originally the idea was Big Star meets Roy Orbison with that wall-of-sound production. I wanted it to be classic but sound like 2014."

Lyrically "Dream Good" is about hope, to put it simply.

"So I'll hold on and keep my eyes on the prize," Corcoran sings, "I'll have the beggar's truth over a rich man's lie/There's a hell inside of paradise/Or so I've been told/Right now I need you by my side, my pretty baby, if you would/Before the sun grows cold and help me dream good."

But all great songs are intricate in their simplicity. When Corcoran explains the genesis of the "Dream Good" lyrics he delves into the root of his creative mechanism.

"The lyrical inspiration stems from that hopelessly hopeful quality of Woody Guthrie," he says. "There's a lot of simple wisdom throughout his writings. Also, he has that quote where he talks about there's too many song that knock people down and how the world doesn't need anymore of them. That really resonated with me."

"Dream Good" was recorded in the spring of 2014 at Baby Bird Studios in Venice, Calif. Corcoran worked with electric guitarist Dave Green, bassist Dave Jones, drummers Justin Ivey and Josh Mervin, pianist and organist Mark Nilan Jr. and producer-vocalist Nathan Blumenfeld-James, who also helmed Peel.

The video for "Dream Good" should also resonate with listeners and viewers. The clip is a provocative, fantasy-like excursion that reveals the flip-side of the lyrics in an attempt to cement their hefty messages. It was directed by Dustin Bath and filmed inside a Motel 6 near LAX and the always congested Lincoln Boulevard in Venice, Calif.

"The video is a peak into what I didn't want in my life," Corcoran says. "You sometimes become aware of what you don't want when you're in the thick of it. I didn't want to do some video of me shirtless running down the beach. I was ready for something actually closer to reality. It represents a 'bad scene' that can be visually appealing, but unless you've been there you know it's not."

Now that "Dream Good" has been recorded and filmed, Corcoran is ready for more. "Dream Good" is the first installment in a series of single releases followed by an EP via Dallas-based Idol Records in 2015. This is just the beginning. There's more soul searching to come.

"Music has always been the one thing that has lifted me up throughout the years," he says. "I wanted to finally write those songs that would do the same for someone else."