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Decade Of Downtime
Decade Of Downtime
The Hundred Inevitables


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Track Listing:
1. At Least You Were
2. The Rumor
3. Give It All Away
4. What We Are
5. Mixtape
6. Get Up
7. Even Better
8. This One
9. Up Above

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The idea was born on tour in the USA and first mentioned on a bus in
Germany, but The Hundred Inevitables is really a product of the
strong Dallas/Fort Worth music scene.

Toby Pipes fronts the band as lead singer and piano player. Toby
toured the world in the 90s as a guitarist for Deep Blue Something. In
the last few years he’s released a couple of records with Brooklyn based
musician and Inevitables bass player Nolan Thies as Little
Black Dress. Toby also currently plays with the Fort Worth band

Taylor Young, who plays drums in the band, is also half of the duo
The O’s, who’ve put out three records and toured all over the US, UK
and Europe – all since 2008.

Jeff Whittington - who plays guitar in the band - is a public radio and
television producer at the Dallas/Fort Worth NPR and PBS affiliate
KERA. In 2013, Jeff released his second solo record,

Decade Of Downtime was produced by Grammy Award-winner
Stuart Sikes.