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Architect Of Decay
Architect Of Decay
These Machines Are Winning


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Track Listing:
1. Honeycomb Kisses
2. Trapped In The Abyss (feat. Sarah Jaffe & Taylor Rea)
3. Jenny 001
4. We Once Were Monkeys
5. They Will Need Inside Of You
6. They're Coming After Me
7. They Will Kill Us If They Had The Chance
8. Do You Feel Anything At All
9. Kingman Arizona 1953 Part 1
10. Kingman Arizona 1953 Part 2
11. Press My Brains Back Into My Eyes
12. Architect Of Decay
13. Heaven's Butcher

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Architect Of Decay features Sarah Jaffe, Taylor Rea, Jacob Cooper (WAVVES), Dan Phillips (True Widow), Nikki Cage (True Widow), Austin Jenkins (White Denim), Phil Karnats (Secret Machines, IKE Reilly), Ger Griffin (Rollerskate Skinny), Charles Mooney III (Toadies), and Dave Trumfio (The Pulsars). Like KURU, the combined effort of so many spontaneous guest appearances, have made AOD a collage of many different voicing and sonic clusters hidden deep inside the simple songwriting. But with using Phil Spector's approach to tracking in multiple layers using analog drums and vintage synthesizers.

More of a heavier affair, AOD blends Industrial beats with 808's to culminate a hyper post punk electro sound.
featuring: Honeycomb Kisses - (Nikki Cage & Taylor Rea) and Trapped in the Abyss - (Sarah Jaffe & Taylor Rea)

Mixed, Recorded and Produced by: Dave Trumfio, Jimi Bowman, Casey DiIorio and Dylan Silvers.
Mastered by Dave Trumfio, Jimi Bowman, Casey DiIorio and Alan Douches at Kingsize Laboratories - Los Angeles, California, Valve Studios - Dallas TX, Klearlight Studio- Dallas TX, The Belafonte Research Center - Paris France and West West Side Music - New Windsor,NY
All lead vocals and bass recorded and Produced by Casey DiIorio at Valve studios
Additional tracking, drum programming and keyboards Jay Jernigan at Klearlight studio Dallas TX
And additional Guitars tracked by Ger Griffin at Super Electric studio Dublin, Ireland.

Cover by Francis Vallejo (Guerrieres Celtes)
Logo designs by Legendary Japanese artist Toshio Maeda (The Tentacle Master) and Jock (Batman Begins, Wytches, Wolverine, Ex Machina).