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Missing Sibling
Missing Sibling
Missing Sibling


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Track Listing:
1. Always
2. Don't Even Try
3. Never Alone
4. If You Quit
5. I Insist
6. Mary's Rashers
7. A Set Of Working Lungs
8. Color Inside The Lines
9. Shock And Awe
10. Spread The Blame
Missing Sibling is a five-piece indie rock band from North Texas known for melodic, guitar-driven rock songs that are anthemic and sometimes melancholic, but always meant to be played loud. Their sound has been described as "a less grumpy Pixies" and like "Sleater-Kinney meets Bruce Hornsby." After spending 2015 playing shows to promote their 2015 EP, Commiserate, Missing Sibling will be expanding to national and international touring in support of their self-titled debut album.

Drew Gabbert - Vocals, Guitar
Steph Buchanan - Guitar, Vocals
Todd Walker - Bass, Vocals
Kevin Buchanan - Synthesizer
Josh Hoover - Drums