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Hole In My Heart
Hole In My Heart


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Track Listing:
1. Hole In My Heart
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From the longing of synthetic fulfillment comes
HOLE IN MY HEART, the debut single from American
synth duo - Secrecies. Find warmth in sweet
bouncy melodies, as they frame a revolt from the
digital dots that connect modern society. Stacked
layers of brilliant vocals descend into a gritty bed of
rock sentiment, leaving you wanting more.
By complete happenstance, Shawn Magill and Joey
Noga met in 2017 at a Cashmere Cat concert in
Deep Ellum (Dallas, TX). They instantly connected
over their obsession with sexy, synth heavy electro
pop and formed a new band, Secrecies. Together,
their multi-layered chilling harmonies unite over
playful pulses, evoking the heartaches and joys of
passing youth.