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Mainsail To Skyking
Mainsail To Skyking
Todd Pipes


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Track Listing:
1. Come Out Fighting
2. My Mercenary Ways
3. Rumors Of The Release Of Sisyphus
4. Local Honey
5. Our Way West

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Deep Blue Something singer, songwriter and bassist Todd Pipes rose to worldwide fame when they scored an international smash hit single in 1996 with "Breakfast at Tiffany's", which reached #3 on the US Billboard charts, going all the way to #1 in the UK, and top five success in almost every country in the world.
In 2000 Pipes opened Bass Propulsion Laboratories recording studio in Dallas, where such acts as Cat Power, Drowning Pool, Flickerstick, The Toadies, and others have recorded. DJ Shadow used the studio to remix the Rolling Stones' "I'm Free" for a Chase Bank commercial with the Pipes programming synthesizers as well as playing guitar and bass.
For several years Pipes worked as a producer and session musician, but by 2008 he realized he'd owned the studio for almost a decade, but had yet to record one note of his own music there. And so he started writing and recording. Resulting in the solo releases Taurus Petals, and Polar Patterns.
Todd Pipes talks about the inspiration for Mainsail To Skyking: The Mainsail to Skyking EP was recorded from the summer of 2017 to the summer of 2018. Josh Hoover (Calhoun) played the drums and I played everything else. (I also engineered and mixed it.) The title comes from two specific Strategic Air Command numbers stations. I find numbers stations fascinating-most countries have them, and they rely on simple WWII technology to send various sequences of numbers and letters back and forth via short wave radio. When decoded, these sequences carry specific instructions or relevant information, which are then utilized as needed. Between the two US stations in question, transmissions usually begin with, "Skyking, Skyking do not answer . . ." (If Skyking were to respond, their location, which one can assume therefore to be mobile, could be triangulated.) So they just listen.