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Foxhole Prayers
Foxhole Prayers
Vanessa Peters


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Track Listing:
1. Get Started
2. Before It Falls Apart
3. Fight
4. Lucky
5. This Riddle
6. Foxhole Prayers
7. Just One Of Them
8. Carnival Barker
9. Trolls
10. What You Can’t Outrun
In Foxhole Prayers, Vanessa Peters's already-considerable songwriting prowess has risen to its fullest stature, presented as a concise, gut-punching collection of songs composed of piercing observations of both the outside and inside worlds.
Peters shines a bright light on the modern world, illuminating theperilous rise of populist politics, the seemingly incessant swirl of violence around us, the struggle to remain positive in dark times, and the need to stand strong against hate and desperation. The album is dark at times, but Peters reminds us on upbeat songs like "Lucky" and album opener "Get Started" that we forge our own luck from sheer determination and gratitude in the face of hardship.
In Foxhole Prayers, Peters demonstrates that she has not only reached an entirely new level of lyricism, but has also vaulted into a new echelon of musicality. The album reflects a pleasingly diverse yet cohesive collection of styles, effortlessly weaving modern electronica elements and drum machines into more familiar acoustic and rock arrangements. The result is a splendid musical tapestry that unfolds from the first notes and keeps the listener sonically mesmerized throughout.

For the record Peters turned to producer Rip Rowan (Old 97s, Rhett Miller), producer John Dufilho (Deathray Davies, Apples in Stereo, Corner Suns, MOTORCADE), and what has now become her established stable of all-star musicians, including longtime sideman and Grammy-winner Joe Reyes (Buttercup) and Dallas guitar hero Chris Holt (Don Henley) on electric guitar. Dufilho and bassist Andy Lester form the rhythm section for most of the album, while Peters's European bandmates (Federico Ciancabilla, Andrea Colicchia) also make an appearance on a couple of tracks.

The team delivers A+ execution on every artfully-produced track. On the deeply personal "Fight" the track opens simply and builds to an emotional climax on a swell of interlocking guitar melodies evocative of Bends-era Radiohead. "Before it Falls Apart" is an instantly striking, minimalist arrangement of drum machines, acoustic and electric guitars, and a rich vocoder that suggests a more analog version of Imogen Heap. On "This Riddle" producer Rowan gives the track a decidedly Neil Finn treatment, with intersecting live and looped drums and swirling mellotrons. The album also showcases the band's ability to deliver punchy raw rock on tracks like "Trolls" and "Carnival Barker".

Throughout the album, Peters's voice is lush and blissful as never before, dominating the mix and commanding the listener's attention to every word. And that's the point: these are big songs, full of weight and meaning, demanding to be heard - and Peters
makes you feel every syllable.