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The Revenge of Sonic Soular
The Revenge of Sonic Soular
Falcon Project


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Track Listing:
"Introducing the Falcon Project"
"Texas is the Reason"
"Phased Out"
"Meditations #1: Into the Darkest Heart"
"No Sleep 'til Doomsday"
"Sonic Soular's Vengeance Dub"
"Broken Distence"
"I Love Her All the Time"
"For Madmen Only"
"Meditations #2: Under a Texas Moon"

The Falcon Project started out as a simple side project for new ideas for Mazinga Phaser guitarist, Wanz Dover, giving him an outlet to record music that wouldn't work with Mazinga Phaser and the opportunity to play with various friends of his. What started out as an experiment became an organic unit once Dover left Mazinga Phaser and began collaborating intensely with keyboard player Sean Kirkpatrick from Maxine's Radiator. The band evolved into a tight kniw quartet with the addition of bassist Will Kapinos, also from Maxine's Radiator & Jet Screamer, and Matt Lawrence on drums.

The final result of their collective endeavor is an "imaginary soundtrack" based upon a character by the name of Sonic Soular, who's story is included in the album's liner notes, and lends a structural focus that runs the course of the album. The result is a highly realized 74 minutes of atmospheric hues that recall many moods during its 11-song run. It is filled with lush tapestries that swim through regions of dub, introspective aural meditations, sound collages, rock and pop including a cover of the early Sonic Youth song "I Love Her All the Time". The Revenge of Sonic Soular was recorded, mixed, and produced by Dave Willingham (Mazinga Phaser, Sub Oslo, Light Bright Highway, Baboon) at 70 Hertz studios.