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GBH & Billyclub  - Punk as Fuck
GBH & Billyclub - Punk as Fuck


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Track Listing:
• "No. 2"
• "I'm on Heat"
• "Last of the Teenage Idols"


• "Rat Cafe"
• "Couch Boy"
• "Dumbfuck"

GBH is one of England's most legendary punk rock bands who's vareer spans over 20 years, and its members still consist of the original core trio of Colin Abrahall on vocals, Jock Blyth on guitar, and Ross Lomas on bass. These 3 songs are all previously unreleased recordings that were done in 1987.

Billyclub features a "who's who" of punk rock among its members, including Karl Morris from The Exploited and UK Subs on guitar, Matthew McCoy from UK Subs on drums, Terry Bones from Discharge and Broken Bones on bass, and Dave Woodard from REO Speedealer on vocals. The band offers up the new song "Rat Cafe" along with remixed versions of "Couch Boy" and "Dumbfuck" from their Out to Lunch album on Idol Records.