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Onward Quirky Soldiers
Onward Quirky Soldiers

Chomsky - Onward Quirky Soldiers

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Track Listing:
1. Straight Razor
2. Inside
3. 00:15:00 to Rock
4. Gravitate
5. Light
6. Believe
7. Herod's Daughter
8. Destination
9. Laughing
10. Up
11. Rollers

Chomsky takes the raw energy of 1980's guitar new wave combined with a harmonic alchemy from beyond the future. Frantic-might guitar, spacious keyv\boards, up-front vocals and more than a dash of quirk all come together in a shimmering crush of truly memorable songs for a genuinely listenable experience.

Onward Quirky Soldiers is the second full length album from Chomsky who have quickly become one of the most popular rock-pop bands in their home state of Texas. The band has won "Best Rock / Pop Band" awards in the Dallas Observer Music Awards and the Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards in 2001 and 2001. Their incredibly loyal fans have ben named by the local press "The Chomsky Army" due to their diligent attendance at the band's shows and their willingness to drive hundreds of miles to see Chomsky road shows. These fans have also created dozens of Internet message boards on the band.