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Track Listing:
1. Catholic Scars & Chocolate Bars
2. When You Were Young
3. Teenage Dope Fiend
4. Bleeding
5. Never Enough
6. The Tourist
7. Money & Dealers
8. Girls & Pills
9. All We Are Is Gone
10. Rain
11. Pistol In My Hand
12. The Ones

The mischievous masterminds of the five-piece rock explosion Flickerstick, have yet to experience a dull moment in their fledging music dynasty. Intense touring, raucous records and constant promotion still haven't cooled their heels as the "band on the run" that gracefully pair sonic excitement and DIY-ethics over cigarettes and spilled beer. After successfully starring in and winning VH1's Emmy-nominated series Bands On The Run,

Reclaiming their independence and successfully on their way to their 2nd studio release, Flickerstick has only picked up speed in their pursuit of stardom. The much anticipated LP was recorded with Keith Cleversly in Chicago, IL Taking a much needed although brief hiatus from their rampant touring schedule, Flickerstick stowed away in their native Dallas,TX, to write a darker, rock conscious album combining an inventive new freshness to their sensible styling, connecting the listener to a new sonic chapter in their sound library. Tarantula was produced by Keith Cleversley (Flaming Lips) at his Playground Studios in Chicago, with additional production by Tim Patalan (The Fags, Sponge) and Paul Williams (Polyphonic Spree, Reverend Horton Heat).