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This Stays Between Us
This Stays Between Us
Black Tie Dynasty


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Track Listing:
1. Crime Scene
2. Die
3. Ghost of a Secretary
4. Souls at Zero
5. Southern Girls
6. On Your Last Night in Town
The debut EP from Black Tie Dynasty.
Drawing from a large pool of collective influences, Black Tie Dynasty have tapped into that same heated blood that coursed through the legendary music of groups like Joy Division, Echo and the Bunnymen, and Depeche Mode to create sleek synth-rock for the modern day.

Transcending mere nostalgic melancholy, they have come together on the EP, "This Stays Between Us", and put to tape a work that is vital and immediate. The record serves as both a canvas and litmus paper, preserving the finer aspects of their dynamic stage performance while testing new ground in an effort to deconstruct any preconceived notion of their image and ability. Their signature sound is made all the more compelling for its consistency and dramatic panache.