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Light 'em Up
Light 'em Up
The Fags


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Track Listing:
1. Tonight
2. Truly, Truly
3. Siren Song
4. Here's Looking at You
5. Rockstar
6. List
7. Mistake
8. Back of the Line
9. Greatest Movie Ending
10. Snap
11. Light 'em Up

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Sharp boy-meets-and-loses girl anthems punched up with huge riffs and endearingly ragged vocals. The best power pop band you nearly never heard.

File under good things come to those who wait. As catchy as the flu. A little bit swaggering 70's rock made for raucous Friday nights, a lot Dazed and confused and even a teensy bit glam, Light 'em Up is well worth a spin.

If you don't like every song on Light 'em Up you are a fucking liar. All eleven of these bad boys could own the radio dial like Rupert Murdoch, only less evil. The Fags have proved themselves the rightful heirs to Cheap Trick's throne. HARP MAGAZINE

"Snap" and "Rockstar" are bonafide classics. Cheap Trick would love to have "Tonite" in its ouvre, while "Here's Looking at You" is what the Goo Goo Dolls would sound like if they hadn't forgotten they were once a punk band.
"Light 'Em Up" merits nothing less than a spot high in the pantheon of great Detroit rock albums. OAKLAND PRESS good is this band? REALLY REALLY good. Their new album on Idol Records, one of the very best labels in rock music today, is chock full of tight AM radio rockers that challenge Jet and OK Go to the top of the power pop throne. Nothing should stop this band from being mega huge. They are that good. Excellent stuff. POPBANG RADIO

With an infectiously dazzling array of crunchy sugar-candy rhythms, melodiously sparkling hooks and leads, jangly stratospheric riffs and hoarse but pitch perfect vocals, The Fags assuredly stand on their own as champion creatively skilled power pop musicians and song craftsmen destined to musically make their mark on the world while possibly influencing a new generation of bands to continue carrying the pop rock torch into the future and beyond. UNDER THE VOLCANO MAGAZINE

Also available now on iTunes and Rhapsody.