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Experiment In Error
Experiment In Error

Experiment In Error - Shibboleth

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Track Listing:
1. The 1912 Horsey Rebellion
2. The Bavarian
3. Experiment in Error
4. Meatballs
5. The Boss Bass Flute of Ian Whithurst-McKenneth
6. Collapse of the Boney Horseman
7. Bill Cosby
8. Knute
9. Do Not Forsake Me Billy Bremner
10. Goats Across the Fire
11. Bullets Up Your Sleeve
12. These Are My Cousins Gastro and Cydebar
13. Water, Fire, Carpentry
14. Peacock's Big Cop-Up
15. Styro Sings, Styro Sobs

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Shibboleth is Rich Martin (keyboards) along with Chomsky members Don Cento(guitars)and James Driscoll (the bass). The band performs with a revolving cast of superstars on the drumset, but joining them on Experiment in Error is Jim White (Allison Kraus). The album was recorded under the watchful eye of Stuart Sikes (White Stripes, Loretta Lynn, Cat Power, Modest Mouse)

"Experiment in Error is a grander Montage of more than occassional brilliance" Buddy Magazine

"The group's endlessly likable, jaunty surf pop is like the best '60s game show theme song I've never heard" Dallas Observer

"Quixotically exotic, at once conjuring Duane & eddy, Bert and Ernie and Ennio Morricone, Shibboleth's existentialelevator music rocks. Here's hoping we get stuck between floors" Modern Luxury Dallas

"Shibboleth are smart, cosmopolitan and gloriously un-hip" Spendidzine