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(It's Better to Be) Pissed Off
(It's Better to Be) Pissed Off


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Track Listing:
"3-Piece Suit"
"Back in the Rich"
"We Little Pigs"
"Emotional Time Bomb"
"Self Help"
"No Lords"
Billyclub's music is hard edged, fast and furious; reminiscent of the "old school punk" sound. Karl Morris played in The Exploited and Broken Bones, later joining The UK Subs where he teamed up with drummer Matthew McCoy. They eventually moved to the US in 1991to pursue their own projects. After a few false starts, they hooked up with Kurt Grayson, whose explosive vocal style fit the music perfectly. After trying several bass players, they finally came across Kevin Lynn, who's style brought balance to the band's raucous sound.

Billyclub came to life in June of 1995 and quickly establshed a following in such cities as Milwaukee, Chicago, and Detroit. They released their debut 7" on Idol Records in January of 1996 which was well received by the media and public, and followed yup with a 5 song EP in May. The band spent most of the year on the road both headlining and supporting such bands as Bad Religion, SNFU, Murphy's Law, Youth Brigade, Agent Orange and GWAR. The band went into Junkyard Studios (Milwaukee) in November '96 to record this, their first full-length album, (It's Better to Be) Pissed Off.