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The Deep End
The Deep End
The Slack

The Deep End - The Slack

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Track Listing:
1. Infatuations Never Last
2. The Fine Art of Bleeding
3. Frostbite
4. The Deep End
5. Truth and Fiction
6. Follow On
7. Pipe Dream
8. The Rug
9. Indier Than Thou
10. The Talk
11. What If
12. Maybe Heaven
The Slack began when five of Dallas, Texas' most talented and overworked musicians came together to create a new sound. A united sound, bigger and more inventive than any they had created before.

Evolving around the songwriting of guitarist/vocalist (and three-time Dallas Observer Musician Of The Year) Chris Holt, and utilizing the virtuoso capabilities of each member, The Slack produces a sonic experience that will move you to scream with joy just as quickly as it will bring you to your introspective knees - all in the span of a 4 minute song.

Collectively making their mark on the Texas and National scene over the last 10 years with bands such as Sorta, Olospo, Kristy Krueger, Johnny Lloyd Rollins, and others, members of The Slack have made an indelible impression on the music world.

Band members include multi-instrumentalists Eric Neal and Steven Luthye, and drummer/studio wizard Tom Bridwell.