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A Cosmic Joke
A Cosmic Joke
Chris Holt

A Cosmic Joke - Chris Holt

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Track Listing:
1. All Aboard
2. Meltdown
3. I'm Immune
4. A Cosmic Joke
5. Always In Awe
6. Aim High
7. The Wind Has Left My Sail
8. Say Goodbye
9. Medication
10. Soapbox
11. A Name is Just a Legend (When You're Gone)

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Dallas singer-songwriter Chris Holt has been a guiding force behind many musical successes over the past decade. With a range that spans from the progressive math-rock of Olospo, to the rootsy Americana of Sorta, through the punchy power-pop of The Slack to his numerous side projects as an in-demand multi-instrumentalist, the five-time Dallas Observer Music Award winner is constantly evolving his style and direction. Five years after his first solo outing, 2005's Summer Reverb, and less than a year after The Slack's explosive The Deep End, Holt is back with his most mature and focused songwriting effort to date, A Cosmic Joke.

Produced by Salim Nourallah and featuring Holt on virtually every instrument, A Cosmic Joke is a dark journey through triumph and tragedy, reflecting upon life and death in a way only alluded to in his previous work. Evoking organic, ethereal sounds recalling Nick Drake, Elliott Smith and Pink Floyd, and creating what Nourallah refers to as an "anti-modern" sound, A Cosmic Joke looks to propel Holt to a larger audience as a solo artist, demanding the attention and respect of indie music enthusiasts everywhere.